Music education should be a part of every child's development and not available only to a certain section of the society. keeping this thought at the centre Bulandiyaan - a one of a kind LIVE virtual concert is curated by the students of The Sound Space. This initiative is focused on raising funds to provide music education for over 1000 students from lower income backgrounds across various NGOs and not for profit organisations of Jai Vakeel Foundation, Akanksha Foundation and Seva Sadan Society. Bulandiyaan is about raising each other up, an ascent together!

Your contribution will open up new opportunities for these children and allow them to experience the joy and benefits of music as a part of their education.

Come join us and witness the LIVE concert on 15th, August from 6-7.30 pm on Zoom.
You can register for free by sending in your name, email id and phone no. to: thesoundspacein@gmail.com

Importance of Music education: Music education involves development of many neurocognitive systems, such as diction, vision, reflex control and improvement in concentration. Music education is important for enhancing the abilities to increase the relationship between such training and the cognitive skills. Moreover, music creates a positive atmosphere, a positive learning experience and a safe space for expression.

The money raised will be used to teach over 1000 students: The students of Jai Vakeel Foundation, Akanksha Foundation and Seva Sadan Society will benefit through this music education as for every child in this school the cost of learning is only ₹500 per year, pricing one class for each student at only ₹25, bringing them 20 music classes a year. With Bulandiyaan, The students of The Sound Space hope to raise 6 lakhs to support these NGO students.

About The Sound Space : Kamakshi & Vishala Khurana were exposed to the world of Indian music at the tender age of 5 & 3 when it was all about fun with rhythm and experimentation with sound. As they grew older, they commenced their formal theoretical and practical training under their Gurus, Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, Pandit Dhruba Ghosh & Smt. Meera Chikhalikar, which further expanded their appreciation of the depth and intensity of music.
As they gradually paved their careers in music by teaching Indian Classical Music in a deconstructed form, it became apparent to them that the benefits of the centuries-old Indian Music needed to be made more amenable and accessible in a fun and contemporary way. This realisation led to Kamakshi & Vishala creating specialized sessions for children and adults from all walks of life with varying objectives such as learning music, focusing energy, de-stressing, healing, recovering, post-trauma rehabilitation and achieving inner balance.